Photography hooked me as an early teen. I was inspired by my dad, an avid home movie maker and photo bug. Although I loved photography and even took courses in college I stuck with my science related major and left photography behind. It took 20 years, digital technology and a sports car to re-inspire me.

I began documenting my Green Destiny Capitol Project; initially a simple goal of photographing Green Destiny (my car) and myself in front of each state capitol. But itís evolved into an exploration of Americaís scenic byways, small towns and back roads and helped me rediscover a skill I left behind.

Since then I've continued to study and evolve adding and upgrading equipment and building a small studio. I enjoy the challenge of capturing images as seen through my mind's eye rather than just through the lens. My favorite images happen when light, weather and subject  conspire to create a remarkable image. 

Photography is not my day job - but it is a passion. I do professional work on a limited basis including:

  • art;

  • live performances;

  • sporting events;

  • portraits;

  • architecture; and

  • one wedding per year given the right circumstance.